Special Offer – Summer Deal

Summer 2020 – Kickstart Offer!

3 x Personal Training $99

If you’re interested in hiring a Personal trainer, try our Summer KickStarter offer to give you an idea of how we train, our Programs, Equipment, Environment and how we can help you.

$99 – Personal Training Offer
1 x Health Consultation and 3 x 45minute Personal Training Sessions

Just book in using the contact form (or email brian@adelaidebeachfitness.com.au) or call 0410663873. 

Our new Personal Training Offer is structured to identify the right training routine for you. We look and your past, your habits, your current fitness levels and plan a program accordingly, centered around you and your needs.

Health Consultation

This is an informal chat where we can discuss your past history, health, any past or present injuries, nutrition and future goals. This is an essential meeting before we do any training as we need to highlight any areas we need to be aware of and goals we want to achieve.

Personal Training

The 3 x 45 minute Personal Training Sessions are a great way to get back into a fitness routine, identify what fitness level you currently hold, learn what we offer in our studio, and where to go from there. You may be able to go straight into group training or you may like to continue with 1 on 1 training until your fitness and confidence levels improve.


Depending on your goals, initially 3 Personal Training sessions can help to improve your confidence to get back into training. Also we can highlight additional mobility areas that may need to be focused on and finally you will learn how to use the varied studio equipment.

You could learn how to:
– punch boxing pads,
– lift kettlebells,
– use suspension training (TRX),
– use bodyweight training,
– squat or deadlift.

Group Training

We have 2 different flavours of group training, Boxing Cardio plus Strength.  Each class uses differing techniques which you may or may not have had experience with in the past.  

We don’t rely on machines for strength like a traditional commercial fitness gym, we like to use Kettlebells, Free Weights, Barbells and a Functional Trainer to focus on using as many different muscles groups as possible when we exercise replacing the gym machine with your body.

If you are at a comfortable level of fitness and are aiming to join the classes we could just have one or two personal training sessions then let you try a group class as part of your trial.

Either way we make sure you are in a safe professional environment, learning, training and having fun.

Check out the different flavours of Personal Training we offer:

  • Womens Fitness, need privacy? Our Fitness studio allows you to train in Private.
  • Group Training – Train with others, for motivation and socialising.
  • Training with a Friend  – Buddy Training is cheaper and can be more rewarding.
  • Personal Training – Stay accountable and Train Smart with us.

We can help you get Stronger, Leaner, improve your Nutrition and Confidence, plus teach you some basic Boxing techniques. We want you to achieve your goals in a friendly but firm environment.

Numbers are limited, (if you wait too long you may have to join the waiting list)

So give us a call or email and get started straight away.

(Please mention the “Summer KickStarter 2020” when contacting us)


Brian (Personal Trainer)
Move Well, Eat Well, Live Well

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