“12 Weeks training can make a very positive
World of Difference”

12 Week Workout Challenge
Gain Strength, Increase Lean Muscle & Lose Weight

The 12 Week Workout Challenge is a structured program individualized and adapted to your current fitness and abilities.

12 Week Challenge Fundamentals:

1) Nutrition Awareness

Half the battle of these challenges is being aware and sticking to a clean eating and drinking program.

  • We supply and support you with nutritional guides, meal plans, recipes.
  • If you don’t prepare your own meals, you may end up consuming food that will not provide the nutrients, lean fats and energy needed. To help we have teamed up with a local catering firm to produce nutritious cooked meals on a weekly basis.

Personal Measurements and Goal setting.

2) Body Composition Measurements

Without analysing Body Measurements we are guessing (weighing scales don’t cut it).

  • Body Fat and Girth Measurements are measured.

3) Before and After Photos

  • Private images taken at the beginning and end of the challenge, demonstrating the changes clients have earned.

4) Practise Technique & Recuperation

If you’re new to Training or a little rusty, we need to make sure your technique is on point or to put it simply, we get injured and gain nothing.

Also understanding when to workout and when to rest is just as important in injury prevention

  • Learning Movement – Understanding Lifting and Boxing Technique may cover the first few weeks depending on your experience, but these are life skills and will be useful long after the challenge has finished
  • Train Smart – Long term injury free training involves, knowing when to rest and recover

5) Strength, Cardio Results & Progress

No matter your goals during the 12 weeks we need to focus on improvement, through your results.

  • Body measurements and gains are great but we also monitor your movement and lifting progress and abilities.

6) Sessions both indoors and outdoors

  • Adelaide Beach Fitness Studio is situated in a wonderful setting, close to the beach.  It would be madness (depending on the weather) not to get outside as part of the challenge

7) Personal & Group Training Combined

There is the option to join our Boxing Circuits group for Cardio sessions if you would like to add a group element to the 12 week challenge.  This helps meet other members of the gym and adds a dynamic you won’t get from one on one tuition.

8) Habits, Stress & Wellbeing

Making a 12 week Challenge Commitment to training is a big deal and will create demands outside of the gym which can effect your training routine.

Understanding how to manage your time, make your body stronger and more efficient away from training is fundamental to getting the most out of the challenge.

Also managing time at work and at home can help or hinder your progress

  • Our Fundamental Training Habits Plan produced through personal experience with our clients, will cover all the issues you may have relating to a new training program and how to prevent or deal with each scenario.

9) Personal Trainer Support

  • You will have email and text support throughout your 12 week challenge answering any problems or queries, providing the back up you need.

Contact Brian on 0410 663873 or brian@adelaidebeachfitness.com.au to find out more about the Personal 12 Week Challenge