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Which Habits Help & Which Habits Hinder?

The Adelaide Beach Fitness 12 week Challenge, is exactly that “A Challenge” we want to achieve a positive result, by challenging ourselves both mentally and physically.  In our case these will be related to our healthy wellbeing and sports related goals.

We are a result of our Lifestyle Habits

Your lifestyle today is a result of your daily habits, to make changes we need to identify those habits and replace them.  After replacing those not so great habits, we need a plan on how to stick with these new habits and not fall back into our old ways.

We all have some habits which induce some level of stress on our bodies, stress can be positive as well as negative but below we have picked out 10 habits which we will cover in more depth throughout our Challenge.

10 Examples of Habits that over a prolonged period, seriously impact on our Health:

  • Mobile Phone Usage/TV & Computer Screens
  • Smoking
  • Not Drinking Enough water
  • Not getting enough Sleep
  • Mobility/Sitting down/Bad posture
  • Consuming too much Sugar
  • Not Avoiding Stressful situations i.e. working too Hard, not relaxing, breathing properly or Meditating
  • Being Overweight/Nutrition
  • Too much Alcohol/Drugs

James Clear has some great advice and a framework to help you understand and take control of your habits – “How to Break a Bad Habit and Replace It With a Good One” and then “The 3 R’s of Habit Change: How To Start New Habits That Actually Stick“.

Check out the Habit Streaks iphone app to continually have a reminder by your side.

By highlighting and identifying your own potentially negative lifestyle habits, you can begin the process to taking back control of your health and building a stronger, fitter more confident you.

You will need to do some reading using the links above and start to focus on your lifestyle choices.  Make sure you identify and also choose achievable goals (i.e baby steps).

“Don’t rush into trying to conquer every habit at once”.

By GrangePT

Personal Trainer based in Grange, Adelaide

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