About Us

Family run Personal Training Studio with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. Operating since 2013 located around Grange, Seaton, Fulham Gardens and Henley Beach.

Brian Carlyle

Personal Trainer/Owner

Since the Age of 15 Brian has trained at a competitive level in Martial Arts. Also having worked in a stressful office environment for 15 years with lots of overseas travel is also well aware of the challenges around time, family commitments, sleep, exercise and nutrition.

Changing careers 7 years ago to become a Personal Trainer has allowed Brian to use previous life experience and education to create programs that work and an environment where clients are comfortable whilst obtaining their fitness goals.

Qualifications & Certifications

Email me: brian@adelaidebeachfitness.com.au

Summer Carlyle

Chief Motivator

In her short but dynamic career so far, Summer has a killer eye for detail, is a keen motivator and won’t be shy when explaining her thoughts relating to your training or Thomas the Tank Engine

Pug the Dog

Walking Technician

Pug will motivate you to walk and accompany you everyday of the week. He loves people, loves a walk and is very happy to do so.

You can book a walk with Pug in addition to your training and his rates are non existent 🙂

Since the age of 15, Brian has trained either in Martial Arts and/or Amateur Boxing and that passion still holds true today.

Over the past 20 years Brian trained at a competitive level at various locations including, Ki Martial Arts, Mayflower Amateur Boxing, Devonport Amateur Boxing, Liverpool University Boxing Club, Andy Roberts BJJ, IM Kickboxing, Isohealth BJJ and Forged Warriors Thai Boxing.

Train Smart, Discipline & Commitment

Our method is simple.Training Smart + Discipline + Commitment = Success.

If you put in the work you will reach your goals and you will succeed.

At Adelaide Beach Fitness we give you the program, tools, advice and technical skills to achieve your goals.

Client based Functional Training

Our Personal Training Programs are focused around the functional needs of the client, not a generic “functional” program.

Movement incorporating – Posture, Stability, Flexibility, Strength and Cardio is everything.

Good Technique is Key

We only use functional equipment and believe in slow strength exercises “if you can’t do it properly slowly then you can’t do it properly quickly”.

By educating through strict technique using Kettlebells, Suspension Training, Contralateral Movements, Animal Bodyweight exercises, Boxing and Kickboxing (alongside other techniques) we are able to help our clients learn a range of new skills, lose weight, improve confidence, strengthen and achieve.

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