What People Say

He has helped to guide me and educate me on my fitness journey, equipping me with mental toughness to push myself..

Karla Rowan – Office Manager

Thank you Brian for your patience and for re-educating me.

Sandy Ellard – IT Manager

I have noticed my strength, endurance and stamina has improved remarkably.

Natalia Ezerg – Nurse

The atmosphere and encouragement Brian has provided has made me enjoy these sessions and I look forward to each one..

Dinusha Perera – Bank Manager

I’ve had chronic back pain for 18 years and have been to physio, chiro, pilates, acupuncture, and had numerous cortisone injections and surgery.  All of which were good but only got me so far, I still had back pain every day.

Since starting my strength training at Adelaide Beach Fitness 7 weeks ago I can now go for a 8km walk or hike, come home mow the lawns and do all my housework, and I still feel great.

Previously I could only manage one of those tasks needing at least an hour or two break before starting the next chore.

My headaches, backache and neck pain have all disappeared and I have also gained my poster back. I can now stand up straight instead of being hunched all the time.

Thank you Brian for your patience and for re-educating me.

Sandy Ellard
IT Manager

I first met Brian after sustaining a serious ankle injury and in a moon boot. Even in initial discussions Brian took a holistic approach, incorporating all aspects in the treatment goals. To begin with he focussed on my core strength, always making sure the exercises weren’t affecting the ankle healing. It was frustrating at times because I was an active person prior to the injury, and now being very restricted in movement. Brian created a positive and encouraging environment to keep pushing through and not to give up, all the while celebrating the small achievements. Or we’d chuck on the boxing gloves to get rid of the stress and frustration.

Brian’s caring approach to his clients became more evident once the moon boot came off. We still worked on my core strength, but further suggested collaborating with my physio on ankle exercises to aid my rehabilitation. Even to the point of dedicating a section of session time to getting the “walking properly” action mastered.

My physio was more than impressed that a trainer would care enough to go the extra lengths to help a client in rehabilitation. 6 months after the injury we have slowly started doing gentle squats and lunges. There’s still a distance to go in the rehabilitation journey but with the patience, persistence, professionalism and down to earth qualities Brian exhibits it definitely will make it easier. My appreciation thus far can’t be placed in words!!”

Natalia Ezerg

I began training with Brian in September 2014. With goals to lose weight and improve my fitness level. During this time I have noticed my strength, endurance and stamina has improved remarkably.

Brian truly cares about your personal well-being and is very supportive and motivating. I have had personal trainers in the past, however Brian’s style and variety of exercises including boxing surpasses those of my previous trainers. He is also understanding and flexible when needed.

He has helped to guide me and educate me on my fitness journey, equipping me with mental toughness to push myself.

He never hesitates going the extra mile for his clients to achieve their individual fitness goal and improve quality of life. Brian’s motivation and concentration is a key component in helping me reach me goal. In our short time I have positively changed my lifestyle.

With his personalised approach to my training and lifestyle, both inside and outside of the gym, I have greatly exceeded even my own expectations at this point. I am now in better shape already mentally and physically than I was.

He has researched any injuries or illness I have so he could better understand what I was dealing with and how to help. I realised then, that is more than an education and experience that enables him to work effectively with such a wide range of personalities and problems. He has a special mindset that drives him to go above and beyond what is required, and an optimism that is catching.

Brian doesn’t have a negative bone in his body. Or at least, doesn’t show it. When he joyfully demonstrates how to, or pushes you nicely with ‘come on’, ‘you’re nearly there’ or ‘come on it’s the last minute go harder’, you want to smack him. But you can’t because even though you it seems impossible, it’s more than you did in the last workout. And that seems to be the secret. Which enables you to do a little more each time until VOILA! Suddenly you’re a whole lot stronger and in better shape than when you started. During this process, it’s okay to complain, to say “are you KIDDING?? I can’t do THAT ! He will know almost immediately if you really can’t and will change your routine until you can do the impossible.

I have always felt that Brian is on my team and is cheering for me to succeed. And I am succeeding! It took some time for me to get accustomed to my fitness regime, but Brian was always there encouraging me, challenging me, redirecting me and answering any questions or concerns that I have. Brian has helped me feel confident that I will realise my fitness goals.

While my workouts are of course demanding I do look forward to them, and even more than that I look forward to where I will be in the next 6months.

Karla Rowan
Office Manager

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