Return To Strength Program

IMPROVED STRENGTH = stronger, bones, ligaments, tendons & more!!

Return to Strength Program can help you begin a steady routine whilst gaining Technique, Strength and Confidence setting the foundations for the 12 Week Challenge.

Return To Strength

Had break away from training, injuries or never trained in a gym environment?

Our Return to Strength Training program is a comprehensive individualised program (usually but not limited to a 12 Week Period) to gradually strengthen your body.  The program covers all major joints and muscles of the body.

By varying the exercises to include mobility, single arm and single leg, prehab, single joint, and core exercises, you can prep the body quickly and efficiently for more intense training.

The Return To Strength Training program is not about building maximal strength but about how to lift effectively while also building muscular endurance, strength and proficiency of movement. As a bonus you get stronger ligaments and tendons creating more durable joints.  We encourage minimizing the length of the workout and maximizing the amount of movements you perform.

Once you have improved with Basic Strength, Lifting Technique and Improved Fitness you can then progress to your individualized goal orientated – 12 Week Challenge.

*The Return to Strength Program requires WillPower to succeed, we can guide you but you will have to turn up, with a focused work ethic to achieve your goals.

Interested in completing the Return to Strength Program