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Health & Fitness Goals

Setting achievable targets!

As part of your Fitness Routine it’s crucial to set achievable fitness goals.

It’s always important to start small and increase intensity/resistance/distance gradually. Remember practise makes perfect, stay focused and disciplined but remember it takes time.

Which depending on your aims/goals could be anything such as:

  • improve nutrition
  • become a better role model
  • join a local sports team
  • climb your stairs without losing breath
  • complete a fun run
  • bench press 100kgs
  • squat 60kgs
  • lose 20kgs
  • run the city to bay
  • climb mount lofty
  • run from grange to henley jetty
  • smash 10 laps of the snake pit
  • cycle 50ks
  • feel more energised
  • become more flexible
  • do something active 6 days a week
  • sleep more in addition to gym activity
  • drink more water each day
  • help to combat health issues

The aim of setting goals and sticking to a Fitness program allows you to monitor your progress and also reduce the risk of burn out and injury.

4-8 weeks is a sensible amount of time to set SMART goals, here are a few tips to help you keep to your goals.

  1. Measure what you can currently complete before you start your program e.g. take photos, video, write times, distance and measurements.
  2. Make sure the goal is achievable in the time frame you have set.
  3. Identify your motivation and keep reminders around the house and at work.
  4. Keep temptation at bay, reduce your weekly shop on food and drink that may affect your training
  5. Reduce the times you visit the pub, eating out or cafes where temptation is tested
  6. Visit the gym and get outside more.
  7. Walk more than usual, take the family/dog out for a walk
  8. Hire a personal trainer (even for one session a month) to keep an eye on your program, take measurements, set your exercises and make sure you’re headed in the right direction
  9. Think of additional goals you could achieve once this target is complete.  Raising your fitness opens the door to more sporting opportunities
  10. Train with a good friend who is fitter than you, a gym buddy will help push you, also you will learn from them and they will set a level of fitness you can work towards.

Remember getting Fitter is fun (it’s hard at first but), you will:

  1. become more energised
  2. learn so much more about how your body functions and your limitations or lack of them
  3. meet more people and this in turn will create more opportunities to become more physically and socially active.
  4. help to combat a range of health issues
  5. improve your mental health

My personal goals this month was to sign up for the Adelaide City to Bay fun run, plus I’ve set a target time to aim for.  I have a weekly program to follow, have set times and distances which  increase in intensity each week.

This has already paid off as just by signing up I won a pair of Asics runners worth $180, just for entering, happy days!

No matter your goal, nothing runs smoothly, there will always be an issue here and there, but if you stay focused you can achieve it.

It just depends on your level of motivation and how much you want that goal. With this in mind keep every goal achievable, achieve it and make the next goal a little more challenging!

Set your first Achievable Goal today & Good Luck 🙂

By GrangePT

Personal Trainer based in Grange, Adelaide

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