Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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  • I’ve never trained in a Gym before can you help?

    Absolutely, I’ve experienced training in many different locations and for beginners the more hands on help you get the better. This is what we love doing!
  • How much are Personal and Group Sessions?

    Personal Training (Nutrition/Fitness) is $62 for 45mins
    Online Personal Training varies depending on number of sessions

    Unlimited Group Boxing Circuits are $35 per week. (Single Session $20)
    Unlimited Group Strength Circuits are $35 per week. (Single Session $20)
    Unlimited Group Boxing & Strength Circuits are $45 per week.

    Studio Access is $55 a week for unlimited Access and Boxing Circuits included
  • Whats the difference between a Fitness Gym and a Studio

    As a studio we have a maximum of 35 members.
    We don’t have large advertising budgets
    We know our clients names and take an interest in their well being.
    We don’t do contracts, if you’re not happy you can leave, some larger operations tie you in where you are paying even if you aren’t training
    We don’t have self employed personal trainers working for us. Larger gyms charge rent to personal trainers to work there.
    We are a family run business and live locally too, not shareholder owned.
    We dont stay open for 24 hours because we are always in the studio when we are open to help clients
  • I’m too old to start training

    YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD, we all need muscle strength, in fact the older you are the more important it is to maintain your strength. We have apparatus to adapt to your needs.
  • Why do I need to Exercise

    Maintaining a healthy level of fitness, has 100’s of benefits for your physical and mental health which gives you freedom to live life to the fullest and also helps to benefit those around you.
  • I have an injury can i train

    Depending on the problem. For most issues movement can help for recovery and it’s recommended to keep moving your body and maintain your strength levels.

    If you currently see a Physio, Doctor, Chiro.. I can chat with them to include their recommendations when we design your personal program.
  • Do you train people at home?

    We used to but this took up alot of time and we have a private studio, (no intimidating weights areas like some gyms) complete with fitness equipment. If you still can’t get motivated by a private studio, you may be looking for excuses not to train
  • What training is good to lose weight?

    I would always recommend adapting and educating yourself around Nutrition (what you eat and drink). This will help reduce body fat in a healthier manner, much quicker and effectively than training.

    Exercising more has the positive side effect of a little bodyfat reduction but the minute you stop training it will come back. Understand what to eat and you will have higher energy levels, better mental health and control over your bodyfat levels without relying on intense exercise sessions. You should be exercising for physical longevity. “You can’t out train a bad diet”
  • Why do I need to be healthy?

    Seems crazy but some people don’t understand until they get ill, how lucky we are. A healthy body unlocks physical and mental freedom.

    Save money on expensive medical bills.

    Allows you to spend time enjoying life, sports, outdoor activities, enjoying the taste of decent foods, traveling, socialising more, spending more time and energy with your kids or grandchildren.

    Plus helping others if they need a hand. If you are unhealthy you may eventually become dependant on other people.
  • Do you work with other Allied Health Professionals?

    Yes we work with a few Allied Health Professionals locally and also are open to and incorporate any recommendations from other professionals if you are currently receiving treatment for any issues.
  • Are you insured?

    Yes as we are a Fitness Studio we are insured through Fitness Australia and Guild Insurance.

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